Today is the 78th day since I started doing 100 pushups daily with the exception of a few days when I skipped as I simply ran out of time for that day.

I wasn’t sure if doing 100 pushups was achievable when I started as I could barely do 30 push-ups at the time.

I was weak, I know. Skinny fat as some people would say.

It wasn’t easy when I started. I would do 5 sets of 20 in the span of a day and I was still struggling.

No time for it? It’s ok. I would do 2 sets of 20 at work in the morning, go on with the day, then finish up the rest late at night when I was home.

It took a long time to finish 100 push-ups, however, it was 100 nonetheless.

My arms would be sore as hell the next day and in the past, that’s when I would give up thinking I need to give my muscle time to recover or whatever excuse I could come up with.

It was different this time around. I carried on and kept going daily.

So this is how I progressed over the last 78 days.

I didn’t plan this when I started, it’s just a natural progression as time went on.

  • 5 sets of 20 in a day
  • 4 sets of 25 in a day
  • 4 sets of 25 in an hour
  • 4 sets of 25 elevated push-ups in a day (Elevated push-ups)
  • 4 sets of 25 elevated push-ups in an hour
  • 4 sets of 30 elevated push-ups in 30 minutes
  • 4 sets of 30 elevated push-ups in 20 minutes

Now I can’t finish my day without doing push-ups. It has become my second nature.

I built strength, improved my posture and most importantly developed a healthy daily habit.

Start small, be consistent and make necessary changes along the way.

You will get there.