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Become The Wealthiest Version Of Yourself

We Help IT Professional Get The Loan and Build Wealth Via Property

Direct to Banks Vs Average Mortgage Broker Vs Investors Mortgage


Investors Mortgage is a Mortgage Brokerage, and over here, we LOVE building wealth in property. 

Yes, we do loans, but what we offer goes far beyond just getting you the loan. We guide you through the property purchase process and if you want, show you how to build wealth. 

Besides being mortgage brokers, we are active property investors and put our money where our mouth is. The tips, experiences, and knowledge we share with you have all been tried and tested on ourselves and we have seen the results. 

Our ultimate measure of success is that YOU succeed in building wealth. 

So, when getting finance for your property purchase, there are generally 3 options: a) Going directly to the banks, b) find an average mortgage broker or c) engage the service from Investors Mortgage.

You will see, from the table below, why Investors Mortgage stands out as the best choice. 

Questions You Might Want To Ask

Q1: Are you a bank?

No. We are not a bank.

We are accredited with over 40 lenders in Australia so we can research over 400 loan products and negotiate with the lenders on your behalf for a loan option that suits YOU.

Q2: Is there a charge for your service?

There is generally no charge for our services including Loan Application, Market Analysis, and Ongoing Post Settlement  Support etc.

We are paid by the lenders via commission, which is fully absorbed by the lenders; you, as a consumer, do not pay for it.

Q3: What is your process?

Step 1 – We will have an initial consultation to understand your immediate needs/requirements and what you are looking to do financially in the longer term.

Step 2 – Once your needs/requirements are clearly understood, we will begin the search for the appropriate loan option that fits your life style and works for you.

Step 3 – Once we have confirmed the budget we are working with, the next step is to help you find the property that meets your current requirements and long-term goal(s)

Step 4 –  Ongoing support for any questions you might have post-settlement.

We will repat the same process for your next purchase.

Q4: What can't the banks or other brokers do what you do?

Simply put, we are wired differently at Investors Mortgage. 🙂 Our ultimate goal is to create wealth in property and getting the loan is only one step of the process.

Your relationship with a bank is transaction based. They are not keen in understanding your mindset or add any value.

An average mortgage broker can help you compare mortgage products across different lenders but they find it hard to understand the mindset of property owners.

At Investors Mortgage, we take it to the next level, providing everything an average mortgage broker does PLUS helping you grow your portfolio and reduce your mortgage effectively.

We see our clients as our partners and we are genuinely interested in helping them grow.

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