There is an ancient Chinese saying that reads ‘Break the kettles and sink the boats’ and it comes from the Qin Dynasty.

In short, it refers to the battle order of a Chinese General to ford a river and destroys all means of re-crossing, thus committing its soldiers to fight to the end with no option to retreat.

Upon crossing the river, the general issued three days of food to each soldier.

Then the boats were sunk and the cooking kettles were destroyed.

The general told his soldiers “As you can see, there is no room for retreat!”

The only way that we can survive now is to take on the enemy and defeat them.  There is no other way for us to escape.

Set a goal, be committed, don’t think about turning back and be victorious!

They won in the end.

We have endless options and opportunities nowadays and what we often lack is the determination.

I am not talking about being reckless but being laser focused and committed.

Don’t think about turning back until you make it.

Life is amazing and we will find ways to go on with our lives without turning back.