Which one is better?

Growing up, I have always been told by the older and wiser people that think twice before you do anything and always have a plan B.

Well, I thought I have always had a plan B for most of the adventures I embarked myself on.

Not really.

Below are just a few examples of my ‘recklessness’.

A) I came to Australia in 2003 as an overseas student. The tuition fee was $14,000 a year. (Still a boatload of money now, in my opinion).

What if I failed? What’s the plan B? There was none.

B) I only had $5,000 with me to cover the accommodation, food, and travel etc. for the whole year. I told my parents everything would be fine and that I would figure the money part out when I am here.

The truth has I had no idea what’s going to happen at the time. I had never worked in my life let alone overseas experience.

C) I changed my major halfway through my 2nd year in Uni. Why? I saw no future in what I was studying plus some other reasons.

That meant that I would waste some of the credits I had earned as they were not transferable to the new major, which means more money and time.

D) I earned myself an opportunity to work for IBM after graduation, however, that meant I had to have my permanent residency before I graduate. I found a TAFE course that, at the time, could give me enough ‘migration point’s based on the profession, however, it was a $20,000 course every night for 6 months.

I signed up for the course after thinking about it long and hard (5 minutes).

What was my plan B? again, none.

E) I invested in a multi-units development project on a single income with 2 kids.

Crazy! Risky! people say.

You might be horrified by now, thinking this man was crazy and indeed reckless.

Things turned out to be ok.

A) I successfully completed my Bachelor of Business Information System.

B) Found myself a part-time job selling computer parts within the first week of landing here.

C) Worked for IBM for 2 years under the ACS scholarship. – PAID!  yay!

D) My experiment with that TAFE course failed as Immigration changed their policy just before I finished the course.

E) My units are nearing completion

The most recent reckless act of mine is to quit my full time IT job after 12 years and be my own boss.

You guessed it. No plan B again.

There were other horrifying examples, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Audacity and plan (not plan B) are what you need to live your life fully and sometimes succeed.