Years ago, when I was still an overseas student, I had a lot of priorities on my list.

Finishing my courses, finding a part-time job so I could feed myself and network to improve my language skills and learn the culture.

But I know the ONE thing that I absolutely had to get right was to get my permanent residency because I knew once that’s taken care of, everything else would become easier.

It’s not that other things weren’t important, I just knew that none of those would mean much if I couldn’t stay in this country.

Now I am a father of two young children and trying to juggle between family and work.

Young kids don’t always listen and I figured that the ONE thing I have to get right is their meal time.

Having their meals ready means everything else will fall into place.

I won’t have to rush back from the school to cook, I will have enough time to play with them and read them a book.

We all would like to think that we can multiple tasks and often enjoy the hustle and bustle of our busy lifies.

The reality is that we take on a lot of things and think we can do all of them well, but end up being good at nothing.

How many times you hear people say ‘Geez, I am so busy and I wish there were 25 hours a day’.

Think of your family, your relationship, your work and your business etc.

What is that ONE thing that you can do such that by doing so everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?

Have your end goal in mind and try to reverse engineer to figure out what’s your ONE thing.